Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skype with New Zealand

Christina talks with her ePal.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mitchell helps Haiti

Our school,Mitchell, took up a donation for Haiti victims.We had a road block and people donated lots and lots of money. We tried to donate as much money as we could and then send it to Haiti. It's only 1,975 miles away.They had two Earth quakes- so the least we can do is donate. We tried as hard as we could and collected $1,638.50. We will try to reach 2,000 dollars.This is ERV. Oh, ERV is the truck in the picture. ERV stands for Emergency Response Vehicle. The picture above ERV is my sister Christina collecting money from a fellow parent.Those kids were having so much fun in the truck they didn't want to leave.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

snow day

first i would take a trash can and then slide down the driveway on my sled very fast.I would make the BIGGEST SNOWMAN ON EARTH. Then i would make a HUGE Fort out of snow. And then i would have a BIG snowball fight.After that i would make a snow angel. Finally i would climb in my snowman and relax.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Christmas Traditions

What I do for Christmas Traditions are I wake up early in the morning about 4:59 and we sit in the living room for 30 minutes.We go and wake our parents and they always say "
I want to go back to sleep"-so we wait another hour.Then, then they all come to the living room.We open the presents and after we all open our presents we wait.Then we pick up all of our paper then we start to play with our toys my mommy always comes in there while we are playing and takes pictures.She posts them on the Internet on Facebook and she commets.Then a whole lot of other people comment too.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cameron stays healthy

This is me when I do my Michael Jackson moves.This helps me physically because it has a lot of moves that you can learn. The art of MJ's moves were very hard but once you learn them it is all worth it. OH one more thing here is me doing Stuck up. Ahow!

My Christmas Traditions

Every year my family puts out cookies for Santa. Last year, he bit mine and every one else's cookie. We got to eat after him and the cookies were hot when we put them out. But, after Santa, AKA St. Nicholas touched them- they were cold. We also draw a name and give them a gift. We also go to Gatlinburg, TN. We go in a cabin for a while, then we see the sights and how they make taffy.

My Christmas Traditions

What do you do on the night before Christmas?
Well here are my Christmas traditions. On the night before Christmas I go to both of my grandparents houses. That is where my traditions begin. When I go to my first house we eat our dinner and then we go to the living room and open our presents that they got us. When I go to the other house- first we eat the last part of the dinner. Next, we read a story about Jesus Christ that tells the true meaning of Christmas. Then we go home and set out cookies and milk for Santa. Then last of all we go to bed and wait and wait until morning.

christmas traditions

On Christmas Day we watch '' Jeff Duman - Spark of Insanity " with the characters Walter, Peanut, etc. then, we open presents and have a whole lot of fun. Then we go to my granny's house and open presents . Then I go to my dad's house and open presents and I stay with my dad till January 5th. I like Christmas because we give and get presents but most of all its Jesus's birthday

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions
Do you have Christmas Traditions? Well, I do. I am going to tell you what we do for Christmas Traditions. On Christmas Eve, we have a feast with cornbread and vegetables such as green beans and corn. We go to our grandmother's house and set up the Christmas tree. We put up ornaments. The shapes are silver and gold balls with silver snowflakes. We put up different colored ones on the tree.We put a different colored star on top. Plus we put candycanes on the tree. When we get finished,we write a Christmas list. On Christmas day, we wake up early in the morning and drive to New Orleans for Christmas and have a feast. When we get there, we open our presents and have a good time with the toys. We all have a great time and I hope you do too. This effects my emotional side by making me happy.

My Christmas Traditon

One of my Christmas Traditions is that I watch Christmas Specials on ABC television. I open my presents and wake up my Dad on Christmas Morning . We go to the living room. This Christmas, I have to go to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks on Christmas day but my mom can`t go because she has a baby.We light he Christmas tree and put ornaments on Christmas morning . What do you do for a Christmas Tradition?
My Christmas traditions are I don't fall asleep until 4:00 a.m..I wake up at 6:00 a.m..I keep on shaking my parents until they wake up.We have a rule that we can't open our presents until our parents are there.We take turns opening our presents.When all of the presents are opened we read a map from Santa that leads us to a special present.We then go to our grandparents house to open presents.Those are my Christmas traditions.P.S. We go to our grandparents house in our pajamas.

Me doing healthy things.

This is me doing sit-ups, eating carrots, eating yogurt, and playing video-games. The pictures that are upright are the ones that effect my physical side. The picture that is sideways is the one that effects my emotional side in that I am happy when I play video games.

My Christmas Traditions

Some of my Christmas traditions are on Christmas Eve- we leave cookies for Santa and put hot chocolate in a device that keeps it hot for 12 hours. We leave a cup under it so Santa Claus can have hot chocolate. My mommma makes these green wreaths. She makes them out of cornflakes, marshmallows and green food coloring. Another tradition is putting ornaments on the Christmas tree. We do it together and have a lot of fun. We also go around and see everyone's Christmas lights. On Christmas morning, me and my brother, Cameron ,wake up early at 6:oo a.m. to wait for another hour and then we wake everyone else up and take turns opening presents. I love our Christmas traditions.

Mccayla being healthy

I love to play basketball. It effects my physical side. It also keeps me healthy.

Jordan's pic

This is me reading. I like to read interesting stories because it makes my imagination better. This effects my mental side- helps me read better.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My painful story by Dominic Griffin

                                                       My personal experience.

Two years ago (in 2007) I almost broke my leg on a skiing trip to Mt.Ruapahu with my family. I was skiing really fast down the ski slope and I went down lots of hills and I was beating my brother to the bottom and I just knew I would beat my brother and then I went on a ramp and did a trick and then just when I got to the bottom BANG!!!. When I got to the bottom of the slope I twisted my leg and hit my leg really hard on some ice and I was crying and my leg bleeding lots and I was crying lots and lots at the end of the mountain and my mum had to get my leg untwisted and get a bandage and a pack of plasters. I couldn't ski any more for that day and I had to have a sleep for the rest of the day on a table while my mum,dad,brother and sister went skiing for a bit. Then after that I had to go to the hospital to get checked up and after a few weeks I was better and had no broken leg any more.

Mr H - That sounds really painful! You've described a good  sequence of events.   I'd like to see some more detail at the start of your writing.  What happened before you got to the bottom?  What were you thinking and feeling?  Create a really good picture in the readers head with your words.  You also need to work on your sentences - too many ands and thens.  Great photo!

Domi's pictures

This is me building my Lego on Christmas eve and I chose this because it effects my emotional hauora.


this is me riding my bike. it affects my pysical side.
this is me fishing. it affecets my emotional side.

This is me playing hockey and this effects my physical side of hauora

Friday, November 20, 2009

Swimming at the beach

Here I am at the beach. I am doing a back flip into the water. This is a fun thing to do. And it is healthy for my body because I am also stretching my back. Can you do this?

Luke Climbing

This is me climbing and staying healthy . I think that climbing trees is fun . I think it is a great way to stay healthy .


I am being healthy by playing basketball. This makes me physically healthy by being active.


Here is a picture of me at the beach playing one of my favorite sports- volleyball. This is helping me be healthier and more active. This helps my body be healthier.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Hauroa photos

This is me and my sister Annah at my dad and anges wedding this builds my social and emotional side of Hauora.
This is Annah my sister and me on holiday this builds my social side of Hauora.
This is me playing cricket this builds my physical side of hauora.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is me doing a slam dunk.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zia's photos

Am the one that is in the red and at the front. I am kayaking down the Arden river with my sister Kara. It is affecting my physical because I am using my arms to paddle it also effects my mental and emotional because I'm happy and my social because I'm with my family. It also affects my spiritual because I am happy!
This is me snowboarding in bourg. I am doing a grab on a jump. It is affecting my physical because I am using my muscles , my social because I'm with my family. my mental/emotional because It was so fun.

Oliver's photos

This me at my birthday party making a funny face!

And now I am practicing my skating on my new as skate board!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Diana's Photos

This first photo is of me dancing in the Girls Brigade Break Up last year. It benefits me:
Socially: I meet other girls of different ages and make new friends.
Spiritually: It is a christian group and we talk about God, Jesus, and the bible.
Physically: We play games and dance, as you can see in the picture.
Mentally/Emotionally: It calms me down when I've been upset, and I learn new things.

This photo is of me in the snow for the first time, with my dad, big brother Blake and little brother Joel. It benefits me:

Socially: I am doing something with my family.

Spiritually: Snow is nature, which is a creation of God. (I'm Christian).

Physically: I was throwing snow and running around, which keeps me fit.

Mentally/Emotionally: I was bored and it made me happy. (The snow was in Waiouru, and we had been travelling for a couple of hours).

Kua's Hauora

This is me break dancing.It Builds my physical side.
This is a picture of reading the bible.It builds my
spiritual hauora.It makes me learn more about god

My Photos Jackson

These are two pictures of my and in the first one i am at the beach and in the last one in this picture i am riding a bike.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Photos!-Kate

In the above me handing out lollies to the Turbos.It builds my social side and physical side because i am walking!

In the above me on my Bike biking on the street.It helps my physical side of hauora. Because I am riding on the street.